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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks
Advantages of Anjali AAC blocks to House-Holder
Safety in Earthquake :
‘During Earthquake; Lightweight building is always more safe then heavy building’. Since Infracrete lightweight AAC block Reduces 60 % of dead weight of building; safety of building in earthquake increases.
Gives High Thermal Insulation :
Because of Superior thermal insulation property of rating R30, Anjali AAC blocks do not allow effect of outer heat/cold on interior of building. This saves A/C cost by more than 30%.
Gives High Sound Insulation :
Anjali AAC blocks falls in STC-44 (sound transmission class) which make it very low cost & good sound barrier material for residential and social buildings.
Allows No Water seepage :
Due to lowest “Water absorptive material”/ “Volume of block” ratio (only 20% in block compare to 65 % in brick) and absence of capillaries (So No capillary action), Anjali AAC blocks do not allow water seepage of from exterior to interior of wall.
No efflorescence :
Due to seepage resistance as well Absence of any salty material in production of blocks there is no chance of efflorescence in Anjali AAC blocks wall.
Pest resistance :
Anjali AAC blocks are Pest resistance since humidity, nutritional material and such Environment required to grow mold, insect, pest is not available in it.
Fire resistance :
AAC blocks falling into fire rating of 4 hrs makes it fire resistance wall material for building.
Advantages of Anjali AAC blocks to Builder
Ease of Working :
Lifting, Drilling, cutting, chiseling, rasping are very easy and convenient with Anjali AAC blocks and can be done with conventional tools.
Faster Construction :
Along with ease of working, accurate & bigger size of block (more than 7 times) speed of construction of wall increases 2 to 3 fold.
Best finishing :
Accurate size of Anjali AAC blocks brings better finishing of building without compromising on speed of construction.
Carpet area :
Wall made of Anjali AAC blocks having Accurate size & surface; can be finish with single coat plaster that saves ½” inch of space throughout length of wall, increases carpet area.
Saves steel & concrete :
Lowest dry density (550-650 kg/M3) of Anjali AAC blocks reduces dead load by 50 % saves Steel and cement noticeably.
Cost effective :
Although Anjali AAC blocks is costlier than red bricks Cost of wall per square feet of wall reduces since
• Saves joining mortar material by 60%
• Saves Plastering material by 40%
• Reduces over all wastage by 70%
Project Saving Estimation Using AAC blocks
Cost Element (%) Saving In Element (%) Projected Impact
Steel & Concrete 10 5
Carpet Area 1.5 3
Plastering Mortar 35 2
Joining Mortar 60 1
Wastage 10 0.5
CAPEX of HVAC system 30 0.3
Project Saving   11.8
Advantages of Anjali AAC blocks to Builder
Saves Fertile Land :
Anjali AAC blocks uses fly ash wastage coming from thermal power don’t require fertile clay, Unlike red bricks manufacturing.
Recycling Fly ash waste :
After hydra power we are still largely depend on thermal power which has huge problem of fly ash waste being pile up in million tones. This is major raw material for Anjali AAC blocks.
Energy efficient As well Reduces Carbon Emission :
Anjali AAC blocks manufacturing is most energy efficient process compare to other walling material which again helps to reduce carbon emission.
Saves Fuel for Transportation :
Anjali AAC blocks Being lightweight more volume of walling material (almost 3 times) can be transfer in same carrier saves fuel for transportation by 66%.
Green Building certificates :
Because of above social and environmental benefits it is material of choice for green building certifying organizations like LEED, IGBC, BREEAM, DGNB, CASBEE etc.
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